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For more than 5 years, we’ve been empowering network by helping them take control of their financial lives.


The clear vision, passion, positive attitude, ambition and pragmatism of the founders and the core team of managerial personnel, led by them, has helped the company to grow in leaps and bounds. Today we have more direct sellers across the country Fasttrack Business working to fulfill their inspired dreams. This efficient and wide independent distributor network of Fasttrack ensures that Fasttrack products and services reach every consumer in the country, even if they are located in the remotest places and most remote corners of the country.


One of the country's best direct service base company, Aashi Fasttrack dial services Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2023 by visionary entrepreneur, Mr. Anand Kumar . The main purpose of setting Fasttrack was to enhance consumer delight while enriching the lives of people associated with the business by promoting free enterprise and success in togetherness. .


The fundamentals of Fasttrack corporation, in short, revolves around sourcing high quality specially services & products and offering them to consumers at an affordable price while sharing the returns of the trade with channel partners engaged in marketing and distribution. In other words, a business that creates wealth which can be shared to bring prosperity among the participants.

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Who are committed to Founded on the humble values and aspirations of life.

Fasttrack has accumulated significant expertise over the past years and this makes Fasttrack as best service base companies. Founded on the humble values and aspirations of life - hope, reward, ownership, togetherness, winning instinct, different aspirations, expectations, dreams, awards, ownership, solidarity and winning temperament is such that the ordinary person can achieve a difficult goal.
Direct selling is all about selling quality products and services directly to consumers at their doorstep subsequent to the explanation and demonstration of products. It also seeks to create a long term relationship with its customers through Royalty and reward programs without going through the traditional store format of retail sales.

Director Message

"The harder the struggle will be the victory will be even better.”

Anand Kumar
Fasttrack | CMD

Full of Enterprising spirit, Fasttrack founding member and whole time director Mr. Anand Kumar loved to venture into unknown territories with courage and conviction. While looking for a stable job to contribute to his household expenses, he began his long journey into the direct selling industry. His will to make it big remained undeterred despite his difficult financial condition and various setbacks. A people's person at the heart, he moved inch by inch closer to realize his dreams. His initial struggling days at direct selling business not only strengthened his resolve but also made him embark upon the mission of touching lives.

Determined to take the Indian direct selling business to recognition and respectability, Mr. Anand Kumar has ambitious plans for Aashi Fasttrack dial services private limited. As part of his overseas business strategy, he plans to establish extensive network of Fasttrack business .
Amit Chaudhary
Digital Marketing Manager

You cannot change your future, but you can change your habits and of course your habits can change your future.” An expert in every front of digital marketing and business, Mr. Amit Chaudhary , is heading sales & digital marketing division in Fasttrack . Driven with Innovative, unconventional and progressive ideas. Mr. Amit Chaudhary is on the team of company as the Digital marketing manager. Driven his aspiration for success, he started small but achieved big. Mr. Amit Chaudhary envisions establishing an ethically sound image of the Indian Multi-Level Marketing business. As part of his future development strategy for the company, he plans to introduce positive changes in the company's sales force to change the ways direct selling business is portrayed in India.